Friday, January 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions

The CNC book arrived quicker than I expected. It was a fun read, flipping through the pages and figuring out the design mechanics. That got me started on a lot more reading and Googling. Turns out there are actually a lot of different DIY CNC plans floating around the internet, and whole forums dedicated to their construction!

To summarize an entire evening of Googling and reading into the wee late hours, I stumbled upon the Solsylva CNC plan site, and purchased a set of plans for the Solsylva 25x25 CNC machine. This came in the form of a very large PDF file filled with great-looking instructions and plans for what seems to be a very solid looking machine. It was basically between the Solsylva and the "book" machine, and what it came down to for me was that I was far more comfortable working with dimensional lumber than drilling countless bore holes into pieces of MDF. That's just personal opinion.

Of course at this point everything is still very theoretical. I've done a lot of reading but haven't actually, you know, built anything yet...

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